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Irelands Original Roofing Centre at Portroe, Nenagh.

Killoran Slate & Tile, Ireland’s original Roofing Centre,  are pleased to announce the launch of its new Website. Although we are located in the heart of Ireland, our products are now visible nationwide at the click of a mouse. Our Website undergoes continous development to give our customers the best information possible in their choice of New or Secondhand roofing products.

What’s so special about a Roofing Centre ?. We are a One-stop-Shop for all your pitched roofing requirements. During more than 30 years Jim O’Donoghue and his staff have accumulated a vast knowledge of every roof slate and tile used on Irish roofs in past centuries. We have coupled this technical experience with the necessary stocks of slates and tiles, ridges, clay chimney pots and associated pitched roofing materials to be able to solve all pitched roofing problems.

Our mission statement is “away with ugly roofs”!!!

We love traditional roofing materials such as natural slates and clay roof tiles. We are passionate about roofs because your roof is, in our opinion, the most important element of your building. Not alone must your roof look nice but it must go on looking nice for the planned life of the building. Don’t forget that roofs, whether Clay Tile or Natural Slate, should perform their primary function of weather protecting your home for 100 + years – that is three generations. That is why we always urge our customers to choose LONG LIFE natural slate or clay tile for colour durability and long life. Remember the felt, battens, nails etc cost the same, the labour may be slightly higher, but by spending extra for best quality slate you are really extending the life of the roof and it is money well spent. A roof constructed with 30 year life expectancy with Fibre-cement slates will most likely be re-slated TWICE in that 100+ year period.

All over Ireland there is a vast stock of beautiful Georgian and Victorian buildings which require regular CONSERVATION and eventual RESTORATION. We are the leading suppliers of RECLAIMED roof slates and tiles. Our Roofing Centre at Killoran, Portroe, Nenagh covers more than 3 acres. If you need advice on a specific Conservation or Restoration project please click on the CONSULTATION link on this page. An advance visit from our representative will confirm the slate or tile used, give you an assessment of the suitability for re-use, the names of specialist Slaters/Tilers and budgeted material costs.

Have a look at the CASE STUDIES section of our website for some magnificient roofs that we have supplied with Killoran Reclaimed slates over the past 30 years.

For product information and availability you can contact John Hogan or Philo Freeman at Killoran Depot by telephone  067 23030 / 06723033 or simply by clicking  Contact Us here.