Fakro Roof Windows

Fakro Roof Windows


Features of FAKRO Roof Windows.

Durable, safe & functional with unrivalled insulation properties.

Pinewood preservative treated and given a 3 coat laquer finish requires no further decoration.

External timber components covered with aluminium sections – UV and weather resistant coated.

6% more glass compared to other manufacturers’ similar sizes owing to concealed vent system.

Energy saving – Market leading specification of 1.4 W/m2K per window. Cooler in summer – warmer in winter!

Improved safety – Toughened glass as standard.

Unique design of air inlet ensures constant inflow even when window is closed.

Handle, with multi position settings is placed at bottom of window allowing easier opening and accessability.

The VP 40 air inlet means healthy micro climate and energy saving. VP 40 inlet supplies the optimum amount of air irrespective of external pressure differences or wind gusts.



Centre pivoted – 12 popular sizes,

Top hung – 8 popular sizes, fire escape, conservation,

Side hung, L shaped, combinations and light tunnels.

Smoke Ventilation System.

In most outbreaks of fire it is commonly accepted that the smoke will most likely kill you before the fire does. These windows come in 3 sizes. They are bottom hung. They are equipped with electric motors which automatically open the window after receiving a signal from the control unit of the smoke alarm system activated by a smoke sensor.

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