Old Clay Ridge Tiles

Old CLAY Ridge Tiles

Killoran Slate have an extensive stocks of old ridge tiles in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to suit old roofs.


PAR = Plain Angle ridge.     CAR = Capped Angle ridge.    RT = Roll Top.

The majority of old ridges used on Irish roofs were Plain Angle ridge tiles in dark STAFFORDSHIRE BLUE clay. The majority were only produced in  two angles 90 degrees and 105 degrees.
It is generally accepted that the best clay for making building materials comes from the Staffordshire to Hull region of England.

Clay manufacturers in the  POTTERIES are renowned worldwide for their pottery, ceramics, bricks for walls and clay roof tiles and clay ridge tiles for pitched roofs.

There is a wide variety of ridge tiles available as can be seen from the following photographs.

Please note: Any shape or size of ridge tile can be hand-made to special order for conservation and restoration projects at the SANDTOFT Clay Tile Factory in Hull, www.sandtoft.co.uk

A full range of ornamental FINIALS is also available.

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