English Slate – Westmoreland, Cumbria & Delabole Cornwall

Westmoreland & Delabole Slate (English)


English Slate

It has been quarried since Roman times, and throughout the centuries was cut by hand, sent by pack-horse to nearby ports and shipped all over England to become part of Britain’s architectural heritage.

Cumbria  (N.W. England)

There were several quarries in the Lake District in Cumbria producing blue/grey slate and the unique Westmoreland Green slates.The historic building (photo) in Cumbria, has unequal slate courses, slate reveals, slate firehearth, slate lintels, slate sills, slate damp course, slate walling, slate paving and slate flooring.

Delabole (Cornwall,  England)

This slate is blue / grey colour and limited amounts of second-hand Delabole slates are found in Ireland.


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