Quality, Durability and Reliability

Quality, Durability and Reliability

Imported Natural Roofing Slates.


If you are about to buy natural roofing slates you should be looking for
Quality, Durability and Reliability.

  • Buy a well known brand  –  How long has the slate been used in Ireland.
  • Where is the slate QUARRY located – most slate quarries can be seen on Google maps.
  • Have the slates got a CURRENT certificate of conformity to Standards and Irish Building Regulations.
  • Buy from a reputable supplier  –  How long have they been in business – Can they solve complaints without delay.
  • Ask for quarry Guarantees   –  most reputable quarries give written Guarantees.
  • Check for traceability back to the producing quarry  –  are there weak links in the supply chain.
  • Does the quarry operate a Quality Assurance program – ISO Quality Mark.
  • Check the name of the producing QUARRY on the label attached to the crate –  Do not accept the name of a village in Spain or a mountain in China.

Natural roofing slates, sold in Ireland,  should conform to all the requirements of the European Standards EN-12326-1.
These slates should be of a consistent high quality and uniformity, ensuring perfect performance time after time.

The label on each crate should clearly show the name of the QUARRY, the address, the Grade, Norminal Thickness,
Water absorption, Thermal Cycle, SO 2 Exposure, Quantity and size of slates.

The following are just some faults to be aware of:-


We are often surprised when some Clients do not know where the slates came from or the fact that there are no labels.
One customer told us he was using Welsh slates. It transpired he was using Chinese slates but got confused as he had bought his slates from a supplier in Wales.
He then had STANDARD tests carried out on the slates on site and they were sub-standard.
The  old British Standard, BS 680  had 3 main criteria for tesing roofing slate. 1) Water absorption, 2) Acid resistance and 3) Freeze/thaw tests.

The new European Standard EN-12326-1 has many more testing criteria and gives a better indication of slate quality. BS EN – 12326 -1 imposes many disciplines on the slate quarry producers and requires current Certificates of Conformity which assist importers, retailer’s, Architects and Clients with better detailed information about their choice of roofing slates.

Killoran Slate want to assure our customers that all slates, we sell, conform to the European Standards  EN-12326-1.

We do not sell CHEAP (inferior quality) slates.
As pitched roofing Specialists, we are obliged to explain the relative performances of every BRAND of slate & tile we sell.

We pioneered the revival of natural slate in Ireland since the 1980’s – Our customers rely on our knowledge.

Our reputation is valuable.

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