New Natural Roofing Slate

Why Buy New Natural Roofing Slate?

Long life up to 100 + years – Looks naturally beautiful – Does not loose its colour.


There has been a long tradition of natural slate roofs in Ireland from the middle ages, but particularly from the 1700’s onwards. The leading Irish roofing slates were grey/green KILLALOES, quarried near Portroe, Nenagh, Co Tipperary. Our Roofing Centre located in the old Killoran Quarry, which was one of the smaller Killaloe quarries, today recycles Secondhand slates and old concrete tiles.

KSQ ( Killoran Slate Quarry Limited ) are the Appointed Distributors for the SSQ ( Spanish Slate Quarries ) range of natural roofing slates.

SSQ are one of the leading quarriers and suppliers of high grade, unfading natural roofing slate. Their principal markets are Europe and North America. They export as far afiled as Australia, Trinidad, Norway and Japan – in all more than 20 countries. Owners, Architects and Roofers have beeen choosing SSQ natural roof slates for more than 30 years.

The chief characteristics of SSQ slates are:

Exceptional colour stability

Exceptional weather durability

Suitability for historic and contemporary roofs

Excellent value for money.

Service Price
Fibre-cement  man-made slates 60×30 €12 per m2
Brazilian 60×30 Natural slates €19 per m2
Economy Grade Spanish natural slates €20 per m2
SSQ – First  Grade Spanish natural slates €25.50 per m2
SSQ – HEAVY Grade Spanish natural slates €29.50 per m2
SSQ – RIVERSTONE natural ( phyllite ) slates P.O.A.

Cost comparisons per square metre of roof covered – excluding VAT.

Natural roof slates such as RIVERSTONE from SSQ, carries 100 year guarantee and is excellent value for money.

Achieve excellent value plus long life is available in the SSQ slate range with 75, 50 and 30 year guarantee.

Many people building a new house aspire to a new natural slate roof, particularly in rural Ireland.

Today most people know that best quality Spanish slates, like SSQ premium quality natural slates, are the most economical on a cost / performance basis.

Architects, Clients and Slaters are invited to visit our Killoran Slate & Tile, Roofing Centre to view the wide choice of natural slate & tile choices available.

The majority of our roofing sales come from referals from our satisfied customers over the past 30 years.

You can seriously increase the life span of your roof by choosing SSQ Premium Quality natural roof slates. Looking at the foregoing example you will see that upgrading your slates from Man-made 30 year Fibre cement to SSQ slates will vastly increase the life expectancy of your roof – perhaps five times over. The hidden benefit is that your premium qualitySSQ slate roof will last well over 100 years. SSQ natural slates have ben performance tested and are proven to last as long as Welsh slates.

Best quality Spanish natural slate from SSQ will still have their beautiful colour even after 100 years whereas the paint coat on the Fibre-cement slate roof has faded and worn off within 10 years ( in SEVERE Exposure ) and the roof will have to be re-slated after just 30 years. Seriously consider that you may be facing the reslating job, yourself, if you are in your Twenties or Thirties. If you use premium quality natural slates from the SSQ range, then your Grandchildren will inherit the task !!!!!!!

Man-made slates prior to 1980 were Asbestos-cement. Asbestos fibres become detached from the slates as roofs get older. Removal and disposing Asbesstos slates is a health hazard and strict regulations apply – please check with your Local Authority or the Environment Protection Agency for detailed information re Asbestos removal.

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