Pitched Roof Consultancy

Job Description:

A pitched roofing consultant works for a roofing materials supplier, assisting on commercial and residential roof construction projects, by offering his specialist knowledge of pitched roof construction and restoration. Our staff are trained to interpret the Production Standards in regards to roof slates and tiles. They are also trained to interpret the Codes of Practice for Slating and Tiling.

Quarry Training:

In addition our staff undergo practical slate training at slate quarries on all aspects from rock extraction, through the production processes, to checking that the finished product in the crate confortms to BS EN 12326 : 2004.

The same goes for Clay Tile and Concrete tile production. Staff are also practically trained on the processes of fixing slates and tiles in accordance with BS 5534, BS 8000 and ICP 2. Our staff get invaluable experience dismantling old roofs. We have been salvaging roof slates and tiles for over 30 years.

During this long period we have salvaged slates ranging from 20 years (Spanish) up to 200 years old. We have salvaged Concrete and Clay tiles. We have seen, first hand, how the roof has performed in all types of geographic regions. We have travelled extensively abroad to learn what roofing materials were used in different countries and how the roofs were constructed to withstand very harsh climates.

Services Provided:

Our staff are available to attend on site at a Clients request. A FEE is charged but it is refundable (at the Company’s discretion) if the Client purchases roofing materials from us.

Roofs are inspected as to their condition. Slates or tiles are identified, an opinion is given as to the suitability for re-use in a re-roof and the problems likely to arise. Photographs are taken and these form part of a written REPORT following the site visit. Being familiar with roof slate production and fixing Standards, we can diagnose how mistakes have been made and inform customers on how to avoid serious roofing errors.The same goes for Clay roof tiles and concrete roof tiles business.

We strongly recommend that customers CONSULT with us in advance of any work being carried out on a pitched roof ESPECIALLY the following:Slate or tile roofs in geographic areas of SEVERE EXPOSURE. That includes all the Western  seaboard counties of Ireland. Roofs being constructed on high ground. Roofs which are more than 30 feet above ground. Restoring OLD slate or tile roofs of any kind. Remember also that we offer Clients the option to buy additional matching slates or tiles

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