Other Natural Slate

Other Natural Roof Slate

Killoran Slate Quarry - Natural Slate

USA Weathering Green Slates change colour with age developing russets shades. Colour change does not affect the  performance or durability of the slate roof.

Killoran Slate Quarry - Natural Slate

Similar to Irish Killaloes.
Randoms in Diminishing courses are ideal for cone shaped roofs. Sub-roof must be radially timbered to allow all slates to follow the curve.

USA slates are available in Heather, Plum, Weathering Green and permanent Green.

Slates are mostly from the Vermont Region of USA.

Available in sized and random slates.

Killoran Slate Quarry - Natural Slate

USA Permanent Green – Foxrock,  DublinRidges and hips are mortar bedded new Roll Top STAFFORDSHIRE Blues.

This opinion is strictly based on our experience of the structural stability of man-made slates over more than 30 years.

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