“APEX” Fibre-Cement Slates

"APEX" Fibre-Cement Roof Slate

Man-made slates.

At Killoran Slate we stock  APEX  fibre-cement roof slates for customers who do not want to pay more for expensive natural slate.

APEX roof slates have a Structural Guarantee for a period of (30) thirty years and the life expectancy of the paint surface is 10 years.

Fibre/Cement slates offer a cheaper man-made alternative to natural slate. Due to their uniform size and thickness, no grading is required although it is recommended to use slates from more than 1 pallet.



Paint surface on Fibre-cement slates.

The top surface of man-made slates is usually  finished with a ” paint ” coating. The paint surface will fade  (UV degradation) and will wear off eventually (weather erosion). The top layer ( paint surface ) will erode at an accelerated rate in locations of severe exposure such as the West Coast of Ireland.
This opinion of the colour durability of man-made slates is based on our personal experience, throughout Ireland,   over more than 30 years.

Bowing and Warping.

Fibre-cement slates are flexible as distinct from natural slate which is rigid. Fibre-cement absorbs water and with repeated freeze / thaw cycles and variations of hot and cold, the ” flatness ” of fibre-cement slates will be affected over time. Movement  can vary dependant on age, site exposure, roof ventilation and manufacturing process.

This opinion  is strictly based on our experience of the structural stability of man-made slates over more than 30 years.


Sizes 60×30, 50×25. Fibre-cement angle ridges to suit.

Colours Black or Blue/Black.

Available in Rectangular shape with Plain edge.

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