Valentia Roof Slate – IRISH

Valentia Roof Slate (Irish)


High quality Irish slate from the slate quarry in Valentia Island, County Kerry off the South-West coast of Ireland. These heather slates enjoyed a healthy local roofing trade.


We occasionally come across limited quantities of salvaged old Valentia slate which can be more than 100 years old and it is still suitable for re-use.

Valentia Slate was and is most famous for it’s slate slabs.

I know of no other natural slate which naturally split into such large slabs as can be seen in headstones, firehearths and flooring.

Valentia has a unique mottled effect when finely rubbed (polished) and is particularly attractive for bar counters, work tops etc.

Valentia is the only Irish slate quarry extracting slate block at this point in time.

Valentia Slate produce a beautiful range of garden furniture, fire-hearths, ornaments, flooring, paving and walling etc.

They also produces roofing slates to order.

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