Binn Dubh Roof Slates – IRISH

Binn Dubh Roof Slates (Irish)

Fibre/Cement slates offer a cheaper man-made alternative to natural slate. Due to their uniform size and thickness, no grading is required although it is recommended to use slates from more than 1 pallet.

binn-dubh roof slates
binn-dubh roof slates

Binn Dubh (West Cork, Ireland)

This quarry produced slates mainly for the local market. Blue/grey in colour with a distinctive grey patina which develops with age.

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There were many slate workings along the South coast of Ireland from Dungarvan in Waterford to Skibbereen in Cork. The largest quarry was Binn Dubh near Roscarbery. These photos were taken at and near the quarry. Not available secondhand – they would be termed “soft”.

Like many other small Irish slate quarries, the quality may have improved if the extraction of slate block had gone deeper and reached lower levels beyond 200 foot or more in depth.

binn-dubh roof slates

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